Are you struggling to survive in business?
If you are like the majority of natural health practitioners you love helping people but you struggle to run a successful practice.  No one told you that it would be this hard to make a decent living doing what you love. 

I know that as a natural health practitioner that you have great value to add to the health and well-being of our society.  I also know that it is highly likely that you struggle to get clients and when you do many of them only see you once or twice.  This can be so frustrating and stressful because all you want to do is to help as many people as possible be healthy.  

What if you could find a way to attract clients who were keen to work with you and you were able to work with them for a period of time so that you could help them get real and lasting results?  It is possible.

When I first graduated as a Naturopath I thought it would be so easy to get clients and make money.  I already had a business degree and knew how to market (or so I thought).  After spending a couple of years struggling to get new clients and not really knowing how to keep them coming back to see me, my coach introduced me to the concept of selling programs.

At first I was very reluctant, I mean how could I give individualised treatment if I created a standard program.  I didn't think anyone would ever commit to a 12 week program with me. I was wrong.  Once I shifted my mindset I created programs that made a difference in the lives of my clients.  My business grew unbelievably, my waiting list was 2 months long and I had thousands of dollars paid into my bank account every week. 
Since this time I have gone on to help others implement programs into their clinics with great success and I would love to show you how it is done.  
"Yes it's a great system Angela teaches.  Most of my programs are 12 weeks.  I would say 95% of clients I offer it to take it up.  It gives you an idea about how committed they are to getting better, as well as helping your cash flow." Linda Back (Naturopath - Zest Natural Therapies)
Are you ready to change your clinic with programs?
To make a real difference in your life and the lives of others
Attract the right clients
Attract clients who you love to work with and who love what you do
Regular income flowing in
Create systems that allow income to flow in even when you are on holidays
Take holidays
Create a business that runs even when you are on holidays
Have a waiting list
No more chasing clients, have clients waiting to see you
Be seen as the Go-To person
Be seen as a respected leader, the person who solves problems
Pay yourself
Start paying yourself a regular wage so that you can support your family

Let me introduce myself
My name is Angela Counsel and I have run several natural health businesses over the past 10 years. These businesses have ranged from renting a room in another practice, to  setting up a large multi-modality clinic and more recently I have written a Amazon #1 book, created on-line programs, run workshops and I have spoken in front of thousands of women. 
I am passionate about teaching natural health practitioners how they can build a successful business so that they can help more people.  
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"Angela's course is great! I’ve just completed it. The support is phenomenal! She is very generous with her time and resources." Jeanette Shipston Naturopath
Session 1
- Identify who is your program for
- What problem does it solve
- How can you provide the ultimate solution
- Create the first version of your program
Session 2
- Refine your program inclusions
- Pricing your program
- Script for engaging clients
- Administration tasks eg Direct Debit, Health Funds etc
- Make your first program offer
Session 3
- Feedback on your first program offer to a client
- Shifting your mindset
- Overcoming blocks
- Tweaking your program
- Creating more programs
- Celebration
Session 4
Private Call

- 1 x private 30min session to answer any specific questions regarding your programs or any area in your business where you feel stuck
Ruth Fellowes - Nutritionist
Ruth Fellowes is a Nutritionist who speicialises in Children's Behavioural Issues.  Over the past 12 months Ruth has branded her business with exciting new logos and update of her website.  She has also successfully created a program that provides support for Mums who have children with behavioural problems.  Her next step is to create an on-line program to share her knowledge with more Mums.  Congratulations Ruth on what you have achieved. You can find out more about Ruth here
Fortnightly modules with templates and resources to allow you to implement your first program within 6 weeks.
Accountability homework after each module to allow you to personalise your program to suit your clinic
Two email reviews of your program to provide you with feedback to enable you to implement programs quickly.
Access to the private Build Your Ideal Clinic facebook group for additional support
There two pricing options to choose from! Choose what best fits your need and budget.
Upfront Payment
Weekly Payments
$69 /wk x 3
Linda Back - Zest Natural Therapies
Linda Back runs her clinic from her home in a rural town just outside of Toowoomba in Queensland.  Linda has been part of the mastermind group for over 12 months and in that time she has completely re-launched her website, created a private membership site with some great health education videos, plus she has successfully implemented treatment programs into her clinic.  To learn more about Linda and her clinic click here
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